"Hold on to your wonder. It will guide you against the injustice that you see.” - Flinder

            We take to heart Flinder’s advice to Case as they flew over the Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh. We therefore pledge to donate one dollar of the purchase price of each book to the following selected charities. We have tried to find the best charitable resources for the Rohingya and the Bushmen in the spirit of “On Wings of Wonder.”  If you know of other worthy non-profit organizations working with these groups, please let us know. Feed your wonder! -- Doug

Survival International



 $358 in 2021

           We have selected Survival International to receive the portion of donations dedicated to the Bushman community because it focuses on what the Bushmen need most –- legal representation to recover their rights to their land. With its international headquarters in London, Survival International has a Charity Navigator encompass rating of 100 out of 100. Here’s an overview of its work in the organization’s words:

            We work in partnership with tribal peoples to campaign, lobby and protest for their land rights. We investigate, expose and confront atrocities committed by governments and big business. We are here to amplify the tribal voice and make sure it is heard.

            We are a movement of people from more than 100 countries. Our vision is a world where tribal peoples are respected as contemporary societies and their human rights protected (including the Bushmen of the Kalahari). We reject government funding so we can guarantee our absolute independence and integrity. We rely on you.

            For more information about what Survival International is doing for the Kalahari Bushmen community, see https://www.survivalinternational.org/tribes/bushmen




$358 in 2021 

           We chose BRAC USA because this international organization has deep roots in Bangladesh, where hundreds of thousands of Muslim Rohingya people fled after the Myanmar army and allied militias launched what some have called a genocide against them.

            Since August 2017, more than 700,000 Rohingya people uprooted by violence and conflict in Myanmar have fled to Bangladesh in search of safety. Today, nearly 900,000 Rohingya are living in refugee settlements in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, and more than half are children. Your gift can help meet the urgent needs of families in crisis, providing vital food, water, shelter, sanitation, health care, education, and protection.

            In response to devastating fires in the Rohingya refugee settlements, BRAC has mobilized its team to provide urgent emergency assistance to affected families.

            BRAC is now the largest responder to the Rohingya refugee crisis, delivering lifesaving assistance and supporting refugees and host communities to build a better tomorrow.

            BRAC has a four-star rating with Charity Nagivator.org. For more information about what BRAC is doing for the Rohingya community, see https://bracusa.org/rohingya-refugee-crisis/