"On Wings of Wonder is about finding our own power in a big world that makes little sense. A timeless tale filled with adventure, quiet wisdom, heart and - yes - wonder". --Cheryl S. Ntumy, author of the Conyza Bennett trilogy

A riveting supernatural tale that's delightfully down to earth. Cosper superbly describes real-world environments, from the Kalahari Desert in Botswana to Cambodia's Tonle Sap Lake." - Kirkus Review

"Hope lives in the heart of a child lost in wonder."

On Wings of Wonder is the story of two curious young strangers chosen to join in an epic battle to save their sense of wonder and humanity itself. Case, a Colorado boy who works at his family’s magical carousel, and Mira, a Rohingya girl who survived the massacre of her village in Myanmar, have been brought together by unlikely, ancient mentors to pit their powers of wonder against a dark enemy. When Case’s mother disappears, they reluctantly join forces to find her. Along the way they discover their own powers of wonder, friendship, and love.

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Visit the real Carousel of Happiness in Nederland, Colorado

On Wings of Wonder was inspired by the Carousel of Happiness and inspired its creator to carve one of the characters in the novel, a giant blue butterfly.  This wondrous sculpture is one of many elements from the novel that you'll see at the carousel, if you explore carefully. Visit the carousel website at www.carouselofhappiness.org, then come see the real thing!